SōLIS at CES 2018

Jim Economos, VP of Sales & Marketing for Spectra Merchandising Intl., discusses the new SōLIS brand at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. 

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These speakers pack a punch, with strong mids, solid highs, and surprisingly decent bass. ...read more 
This is a stereo amplifier for people who not only truly enjoy listening to music, but those who like to argue that outdated technologies can still be adapted to modern form without losing that argument when it comes time to prove it. ...read more 
I’m impressed with the overall build quality and sound quality while compared to the fair pricing. If you’re looking for gorgeous, high-end speakers for your home, you’ll do well to check out SōLIS’s products first. ...read more 
If you want a stylish room speaker that you can set and forget, then any of SōLIS’ models should work. ...read more 
Vacuum tubes really do have a unique sound to them and SōLIS is able to capture that nostalgia in a beautiful package. ...read more 
The amplifier tubes along with a magic eye VU tube sit on top of a black piano finish cabinet, and together create a blend of eye-catching aesthetics with the power that delivers studio-quality sound. ...read more 
SōLIS Goes Retro with Tube-Based Minisystems ...read more 
Overall, this is probably one of the best looking and designed Google Assistant speakers I’ve used to date. It’s built and made well enough to look more expensive than its $199.99USD price tag. ...read more 
The SōLIS speaker aims to differentiate itself by having a lower price point, but still offering to give you hi-res, hi-fi audio. ...more 
...the game changer for us is richness and clarity in sound from the high-end build quality. ...read more 
Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen, but finding speakers that sound good, look good, and pack functionality you want can be harder to come by. ...read more 
You know that you’re test driving a classy product when it comes with white gloves. ...read more 
The Solis SO-7000 is an impressive, hidden treasure of a speaker. Its sleek, almost vintage looks and premium build quality set it apart from most Bluetooth speakers on the market. ...read more 
SōLIS has several audio systems and speakers to choose from and each one is a work of art. Imagine an audio system that you can be proud to show off. One that you can display as art. Now imagine that this system is just as pleasing to the ears. I think I know where my next audio system is coming from. ...read more 
The high end is lovely and crisp, and I cranked this system trying to distort it to no avail — it's clean right to 11. ...read more 
I’m hearing instruments that I’ve never heard in this song. ...more 
It's stylish, sleek, and looks like it's straight out of the 1950s. But the tech is definitely circa 2018. ...more 


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